Publish dateWednesday 24 May 2023 - 13:33
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Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah:

We warn the Zionist regime about any possible stupidity

We warn the Zionist regime about any possible stupidity
The deputy secretary general of Lebanon's Hezbollah warned against any possible stupidity on Israel's part, referring to the failures of the Zionist regime in the past years.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Sheikh Naim Qassem, Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah, Lebanon warned the Zionist regime, referring to Lebanon's victories in 2000 and 2006.
According to Iran Press, Sheikh Naeem Qasim also added regarding the peace and stability between Arab and Islamic countries that the peace and stability of Islamic countries is for the benefit of the Islamic Ummah and Palestine.
Qassem went on to emphasize that the agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia is a solid agreement and will continue and that each of the two countries will achieve their interests and the issue of Lebanon is not separate from the agreement, and noted that agreements in this region create a positive atmosphere. .
Sheikh "Naeem Qassem", deputy secretary general of Hezbollah in Lebanon, further stated that the recent military exercise showed Hezbollah's readiness, adding: This exercise carries a message of stability and readiness for the enemies, and the Israelis understand the meaning of this exercise well.
It should be said that; On Sunday (Thor 31) and a few days before the 23rd anniversary of the liberation of South Lebanon from the hands of the Zionist occupation forces, Hezbollah held an exercise in South Lebanon.
This exercise was held in one of the Hizbollah barracks in southern Lebanon, near the "Melita" region, and war bullets were used, and missiles and military vehicles were displayed.
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