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The Medal of Honor of Australian soldiers present in the war in Afghanistan will be withdrawn due to crimes against humanity

24 May 2023 - 15:02

General Angus Campbell, the commander of the Australian defense forces, has started a new search for the return of the medal of honor of some Australian soldiers who were present in the war in Afghanistan and killed a number of Afghan citizens for no reason.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): These searches were carried out after the investigation by the Australian Army showed that some of the soldiers of the country, who were serving in Afghanistan during the years of their absence, killed a number of Afghan citizens without reason.
According to ABC Australia, General Campbell has sent letters to a number of active and former members of the Australian Army in recent days, informing them that their honors for their services in the Afghanistan war will soon be revoked. And suspended them from their responsibilities; However, the resolution of this issue has been referred to the Minister of Defense of the country.
The inspector general of the Australian Defense Forces revealed in November 2020 that the soldiers of the country during their presence in Afghanistan, especially between the years 2007 and 2016, have committed illegal killings if they can be considered war crimes. The Australian Army also started an investigation in this regard and it was determined that some soldiers of this country killed about 39 Afghan citizens innocently.
In his address to the soldiers, General Campbell wrote: My assessment shows that all honors and awards should be withdrawn. Now we have to see if the Minister of Defense accepts my recommendation or not; If this recommendation is accepted, the Governor General will issue your honors.
At the same time, some veterans of the war in Afghanistan have reacted to the name of the chief of defense of the Australian forces and asked the government of this country to reject the request of General Campbell to cancel their honors and privileges. Martin Hamilton Smith, president of the Special Air Services Association, said in response: "I think Australians, veterans and their families are now waiting to see if the current government will stand by the veterans and their families or by the generals who will become increasingly isolated. It will be seen."
Hamilton Smith asked General Campbell to return the medal he received while serving in Afghanistan. Campbell was the Commander-in-Chief of the Australian Forces in Afghanistan from 2011 to 2012 and received the Medal of Honor for his services in Afghanistan.
In response, the Ministry of Defense of Australia has announced the recommendations of General Campbell if it considers them. The spokesman of the Australian Ministry of Defense told ABC: Since this process is prolonged, to protect the privacy of individuals and support the welfare of the people, the Ministry of Defense will not make any comments until the situation is determined.
According to the investigation of the inspector general of the Australian forces, 25 soldiers were involved in illegal killings in Afghanistan and in 23 incidents, 39 Afghan citizens were killed. Most of the victims were prisoners of war and some of them were killed while farming on their lands. The inspectors found out in their investigation that none of these murders took place in the battlefield or similar conditions, and many of these murders were committed by soldiers who wanted to commit their first murder.
The report of international organizations shows that not only Australian soldiers, but most of the NATO multinational forces have committed illegal killings and war crimes in Afghanistan.

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