Publish dateSunday 28 May 2023 - 12:36
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Indiscriminate use of the Internet is one of the main reasons for the fading of the study culture in Afghanistan
Cultural experts say: lack of sufficient economy in the country, indiscriminate and sometimes useless use of the Internet, as well as the non-cooperation of the media to encourage young people to read books, are among the main reasons for the decline of the reading culture in Afghanistan.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Although the culture of reading and reading among young people in Afghanistan has dropped drastically due to various reasons, Abdul Matin Qane, the spokesman of the Ministry of Information and Culture, said in an interview with AVA that the ministry is working to promote culture. He is committed to correct Afghani and expanding the level of education among young people and graduates and will not fail to make any efforts in this field.
Qane added: The previous administration, with billions of dollars at its disposal, had not done anything to spread the culture of study in the society, but fortunately, after the Islamic Emirate came to power and with the great efforts of the officials of the Ministry of Information and Culture, many achievements were made in various cultural sectors. Among other things, the culture of reading books has been obtained.
He also added: Ministry of Information and Culture has been able to send more than thousands of books of various sciences to all the schools of the country's provinces and has also launched several large reading exhibitions with the aim of spreading the culture of reading in recent months.
Qane added: Despite many economic problems, our strategy has not changed and we will enrich people in various sectors in the future in terms of books, lessons and studies.
At the same time, Sharifullah Safari, one of the officials of publications in Kabul, said in an interview with AVA that the reason for the lack of study among young people is the excessive and somewhat unhealthy use of the Internet or virtual space.
According to Safari: Another problem is that the media does not help to promote the culture of reading books and encourage young people to read.
Also, Mohammad Mushtaq, another book publisher in Kabul, told Ava that in the current situation, our youth have lost their way in the truth and a kind of hopeless atmosphere has reigned over them, for this reason, the study statistics have also decreased too much. .
According to him, the economic weakness and the lack of motivation among young people are the main reasons for the fading of the study culture in Afghanistan.
He asked the youth to fight the problems and at least read a few pages of the book a day in the midst of many problems.
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