Publish dateTuesday 30 May 2023 - 14:04
Story Code : 270942
The fires continue in Canada/ people were forced to leave their homes
People were forced to evacuate their homes after a severe fire in Halifax, Canada.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): following a massive fire in the city of Halifax in eastern Canada, an evacuation order has been issued and people have been forced to leave their homes.
According to Iran Press, Nova Scotia provincial officials announced on Monday that residents of Halifax will not be allowed to return to their homes until Halifax municipal officials advise.
The state of emergency will remain in effect for seven days unless lifted or extended, according to Halifax city officials.
In a tweet on Monday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the fire situation in Nova Scotia, where Halifax is located, "extremely serious" and said his government is ready to provide any assistance if needed.
This fire continues in the area of Tantalon and Hammonds plains.
The cause of the fire is still under investigation and no casualties have been reported.
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