Publish dateMonday 5 June 2023 - 14:30
Story Code : 271244
Russian Ministry of Defense: Ukraine
The Russian Defense Ministry says that the country's army managed to thwart an important Ukrainian operation in Donetsk and killed 250 Ukrainian soldiers in this battle.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The ministry issued a statement on Sunday evening, June 4, and said: "Ukrainian forces launched a massive attack from five axes on the south front of Donetsk this morning, but they failed to reach their targets." They did not arrive and did not succeed".
Igor Konashenkov, the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense, also said that the Ukrainians' goal of this attack was "to break the Russian defense at a point where they thought it was weak".
The Ministry of Defense of Russia also added that about 250 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in this battle, and several Ukrainian infantry vehicles, as well as 16 tanks and 21 armored combat vehicles were also destroyed.
The Russian Ministry of Defense released a video from the battle scene in Donetsk and claimed that the armored vehicles belonging to the Ukrainian army exploded after being shelled by the Russian army.
The Ukrainian army and authorities have not commented on this yet.
At the same time, Russia announced that on Sunday the Crimean Peninsula was the target of unsuccessful drone attacks by the Ukrainian army.
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