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90% reduction of ISIS attacks in Afghanistan/fighting against terrorist groups requires global and regional cooperation
Military experts say that the security forces of the Islamic Emirate have been able to stop 90% of the suicide and explosive attacks of the ISIS group in Afghanistan after one year. Before the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, citizens witnessed a suicide attack and explosion by the ISIS group in parts of Kabul and other cities of the country every month, and this is not the case now.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: These statements of military informants are made while several hideouts of ISIS have been destroyed by the forces of the Islamic Emirate in the center and provinces of the country in the last less than a year, and a week ago, a commander of this group in Laghman province was killed.
Jilani Noori, a military expert, said in an interview with AVA: "The security forces of the Islamic Emirate have been able to prevent 90% of the suicide and explosive attacks of the ISIS group in Afghanistan after one year, because before the Islamic Emirate took office, the citizens witnessed one attack every month." There were suicide and explosive attacks by ISIS in parts of Kabul and other cities of the country, but this is not the case now.
He added: Terrorist groups, especially ISIS, are the intelligence tools of some countries that use them for their political goals in Afghanistan and other Islamic countries, on this basis, the Islamic Emirate needs to identify the main supporters of these groups.
Nouri, stating that the fight against terrorist groups requires global and regional cooperation, pointed out: However, the current government in Afghanistan without the cooperation of regional countries has been able to prevent the movements of terrorist groups in Afghanistan to a large extent.
This military expert added that in order to prevent the spread of ISIS activities, the military authorities of the Islamic Emirate should have the borders of the country under their control because most of the members of the ISIS group are foreigners who enter Afghanistan from other countries.
At the same time, Toryali Sarwari, a political expert, told AVA that the leaders of the Islamic Emirate should interact with the countries of the world and the region to prevent the expansion of the activities of terrorist groups, because some of these countries use terrorist groups to fulfill their interests in Afghanistan. They use pressure levers.
He pointed out that the ISIS group is not an independent intellectual movement and organization that pursues its political goals in a fundamental and coherent manner, therefore, if this group does not have the support of some countries, it will be completely destroyed by the security forces of the Emirate in less than two months. Islam will disappear.
Sarwari also emphasized that ISIS in Afghanistan acts as the intelligence arm of a number of countries, the existing government in Afghanistan has the duty to find out which foreign countries are the tools of the ISIS group.
He expressed that the Afghan government should take serious measures to destroy the ISIS group and not allow this terrorist group to turn Afghanistan into a safe haven for themselves and be a threat to the people of the country and other countries.
Also, Haji Zahir Qadir, the former representative of the people of Nangarhar in the previous government, wrote on his Twitter a while ago, referring to the numerous operations of the Islamic Emirate against the ISIS terrorist group, that from the latest developments and decisive operations of the Islamic Emirate, it seems that the ISIS project has a place to stand. It does not have to be placed on the soil of Afghanistan.
Mr. Qadir, referring to the arrest of the logistics agent of ISIS operations in Mazar-e-Sharif, including the suicide operation against the governor of Balkh and the central office of Tebyan, added that we arrested dozens of such young terrorists during the Republic period, it was interesting that most of them were part-time cards. They had special privileges and moved freely in the cities. After many investigations, it became clear that the said cards were prepared for them by the Americans.
Some time ago, Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, also said that currently the Afghan government has complete control over the entire country and does not allow anyone to use Afghanistan's soil against foreign countries. He emphasized that the ISIS group has been suppressed and is being destroyed.
Mujahid added that the Islamic Emirate has witnessed progress and continuous interaction with different countries in the security and political fields, and spreading irresponsible and self-made claims is the work of intelligence groups that are not looking for the good condition of "Afghans".
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