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America uses terrorist groups as its proxies

7 Jun 2023 - 14:23

Political experts say that the Americans use terrorist groups, especially ISIS, as their proxies to gain their interests in Afghanistan and other Islamic countries.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: These statements of those who know about the affairs are being made while Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that America is supporting terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in order to destabilize Afghanistan.
He pointed to the recent statements of Emmanuel Mikaller, the US ambassador to Tajikistan, who said that the US does not support any terrorist and violent group against the Islamic Emirate, and added that these statements are false statements in the language of diplomacy. We know very well that America actively supports ISIS militants in Afghanistan, as well as Al-Qaeda and some other terrorist groups affiliated with them.
Esmatullah Amiri, a military expert, told AVA that the Americans use terrorist groups, especially ISIS in Afghanistan and other Islamic countries, as their proxies to gain their interests.
He also emphasized: Westerners want to avenge their defeat in Afghanistan by using Al-Qaeda and Daesh, for this reason they are trying to use a tool called Daesh against the Afghan government and its regional rivals.
According to Amiri, during the republic, many ISIS terrorists were transferred to some remote areas of Afghanistan by US helicopters, but the government did not allow attacks on ISIS hideouts due to its dependence on the West, and there were even people in the security department who were with ISIS. They had close cooperation.
Amiri added that the Americans suffered a heavy defeat from Russia in the Ukraine war, and on this basis, they want to make Central Asian countries that are allies of Russia unsafe by using ISIS in Afghanistan.
This military expert pointed out that the fight against terrorist groups requires global and regional cooperation, and on this basis, the countries of the region should cooperate with the Islamic Emirate to prevent the expansion of the activities of extremist groups.
After the defeat of the United States in Afghanistan, the Russian Foreign Minister has repeatedly expressed concern about the rapid expansion of ISIS in Afghanistan, especially in the north of the country, and its threat to the security of Central Asia. Lavrov had previously claimed in one of his speeches that ISIS now has more than 6,000 fighters in northern Afghanistan who can pose a serious threat to Central Asia and Russia.
At the same time, Nimatullah Alokozay, a political expert, also said in a conversation with AVA: "The reason for America's support for Daesh terrorists inside Afghanistan is that Afghanistan is close to or has a border with three rival countries of America, namely Russia, China and Iran, any kind of instability." In Afghanistan, it causes instability in these countries.
Using the fact that US intelligence has published a report saying that there are more than 30,000 Daesh members in Afghanistan, he added: If America does not support the Daesh terrorist group, then how does it know that this group has more than 30,000 members.
Meanwhile, the authorities of the Islamic Emirate have repeatedly said that ISIS in Afghanistan has been severely suppressed by the country's security forces and they are unable to fight back.

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