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Al-Saud's opposition to America's prescriptions for Saudi foreign policy

10 Jun 2023 - 14:32

American sources announced that Saudi Arabia has rejected America's requests to distance itself from China and Russia and emphasized the independence of Saudi foreign policy.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): US Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken visited Saudi Arabia this week and met and talked with the officials of this country. Blinken is the second senior American official to visit Saudi Arabia in less than a month.
Last month, "Jake Sullivan", the national security adviser of the White House, also traveled to Riyadh to talk with the officials of this country.
The Foreign Minister and the National Security Advisor of the White House visited Saudi Arabia with specific goals and agendas. Washington's dissatisfaction with Saudi positions in the Ukraine war, dissatisfaction with Saudi Arabia's closeness to Russia and China, dissatisfaction with OPEC oil production reduction, as well as Riyadh's action in restoring relations with Tehran and agreeing to Syria's return to the Arab League, among the agendas of the visit of American officials to Saudi Arabia Was.
Statements of Saudi officials and media reports indicate that Riyadh opposes Washington's demands.
Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan said in a joint press conference with Blinken: "China is our biggest trading partner, so naturally we will have a lot of interaction and commonality with China."
The New York Times also wrote: "Ben Salman and his aides have made it clear that they do not have to take sides in the world's power struggles and are ready to consider the benefits of maintaining strong ties with each of them."
The important point is that the Saudi media also acted in harmony with the country's authorities and did not welcome the visit of the American officials. Blinken's meetings with Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia and the foreign ministers of the member countries of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council were not welcomed by the media, and Al-Watan and Akaz newspapers, as two important Saudi newspapers, covered this issue only on their internal pages.
But why has Saudi Arabia, with a clear turn in its foreign policy, taken independence from America?
The main reason for this policy of Saudi Arabia in the field of relations with the United States is related to the fact that the House of Saud came to the conclusion that the United States does not see Saudi Arabia as an ally, but considers Saudi Arabia as a tool for its interests.
Although Saudi Arabia spent a lot of money to implement the American foreign policy, Washington does not defend the Saudi government and on the contrary puts pressure on Saudi Arabia.
For this reason, Saudi Arabia, which faced humiliation in recent years both in the administration of "Donald Trump" and in the administration of "Joe Biden", is trying to revive its humiliated identity by Washington as the most important Arab power.
In addition, Mohammed bin Salman, who is the main chance to take over the seat of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, does not see the support of the United States behind him and is aware that the current American government is against his kingdom.

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