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A statue from Afghanistan was discovered in America

18 Jun 2023 - 9:24

A stone statue dating back to the third century and believed to be of Afghan origin has been seized from a warehouse in the Port of Seattle, western Washington, US officials have confirmed.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): American police officials have said that they have discovered a rare stone sculpture believed to be of Afghan origin in the port of Seattle, Washington.
According to the President, it is said that the antiquity of this stone statue goes back to the third century, which the police confiscated from a warehouse in the port of Seattle, in western Washington.
The price of this statue is expected to be more than 500 thousand dollars. The Homeland Security Investigations Unit and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Investigation Branch seized the artifact while transiting through the Port of Seattle.
Officials of the department told a local media outlet, the US Times Post, that we asked the people who brought the artifact to the United States how they got the stone statue, and they said that they got it from a family in 1958.
Robert Hammer, special agent for Border Protection, said the item had a high value on the black market, but its "real value" was in its country of origin.
According to this media, "Smuggling of antiquities increases with decreasing political stability.
After the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, the US Department of State banned the importation of many Afghan art and antiquities to the United States.
Hammer says that importing artefacts and artefacts gives people the opportunity to "steal and loot" antiquities from the mother country and sell them at a high profit.

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