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Establishment of night martial law in some cities of France

3 Jul 2023 - 9:46

Following the continuation of massive protests in France, night curfews have been imposed in some parts of different cities of this country.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): News sources have reported that martial law has been established in at least ten urban areas in northern France.
The Madras Tribue news site reported that a nighttime martial law has been established in the city of Columbus in the northwestern suburbs of Paris since Sunday, and all the restaurants and cafes in this area, which were usually crowded, have been empty and closed for the past few nights.
"Patrick Chaimovich," the mayor of Columbus, said that the martial law began on Saturday night and will continue until at least Tuesday. These regulations will start at 10:00 PM and continue until 6:00 AM.
This report says that in other parts of this region, mayors have established such regulations.
French President Emmanuel Macron, in his latest stance on the widespread protests in this country, asked his cabinet ministers to use all their power and do everything they can to restore order and peace to the country.
Following the publication of the news of the murder of a 17-year-old teenager on Tuesday, angry protesters set fire to government buildings and vehicles in the countryside of France. Since then, the unrest has spread to other cities and regions of France and continues to this day.

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