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More than 16,000 children are engaged in hard labor in Balkh province/ A number of Balkh children work in clay kilns due to poverty

26 Jul 2023 - 8:56

The head of labor and social affairs of Balkh province says that more than 16 thousand children are engaged in hard work in Balkh province, out of which only 1 thousand 500 people are engaged in education and vocational skills in support centers. On the other hand, a number of child workers who work in clay kilns say that due to the poor economic situation and poverty, they are forced to work in clay kilns together with their mothers or other family members; because education is not available for them due to poverty.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-e-Sharif: Maulavi Nasir Ahmad Abu Khalid, head of labor and social affairs of Balkh province, says that more than 16,000 children are engaged in hard labor in Balkh province. Only 1,500 people are engaged in learning education and professional skills in support centers.
He adds that there are efforts to cover other working children and their families with the cooperation of national and international organizations.
He also says that regarding children working in clay kilns, measures are being taken so that, with the cooperation of the international organization UNICEF, efforts are being made for them to learn vocational skills and to avoid hard work.
Khan Mohammad, one of the child workers in one of the clay kilns in Balkh Province, says: "Due to the poor economic situation and poverty, I have to work with my mother in the clay kilns; while I like lessons and teaching and I want to pursue science and education like school students".
He, who makes two to three hundred bricks a day, has complained about the difficulty of working in the clay kilns and asks the authorities to provide education for children.
Khyal Mohammad, another worker of the clay kiln, says that he is less than 13 years old and out of necessity, he works in the clay kiln with his mother and younger sister. He emphasizes that if the authorities provide little economic facilities, he will definitely go for education.
On the other hand, Sayed Abbas Mousavi, one of the clay sellers in Mazar-e-Sharif city, says: The scenes of underage boys and girls working in clay kilns and in hot weather burn the liver of every human being, but they have to survive and not be hungry. Don't waste, they have to work and find bread for the family.
It should be mentioned that clay molds are very heavy with a standard of four in each mold; But in order for children to be able to work a little more easily, they have made two-number and one-number clay molds; However, for this hard and back-breaking work, they are engaged in making clay for hours under the scorching sun above 40 degrees.

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