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Military vehicles repaired in Balkh

2 Aug 2023 - 20:09

We repaired more than 2,000 damaged military vehicles. The 209th Army Corps of Al-Fath in Balkh province said.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, Officials said 2,432 vehicles have been put back into operation in this time. 

The spokesperson of the army Corps says that these vehicles will be distributed to the defense brigades in order to protect the territorial integrity of the country.
These vehicles, which include large and small vehicles, have been restored and ready for use by the engineering team of the 209th Al-Fath Army Corps.
“We repaired and reactivated about 2,432 different vehicles with the few facilities and personnel we have,” said Abdulaziz Kalimullah, the technical manager of the 209th Army Corps of Al-Fath.
“There is no war in Afghanistan now, but due to the needs of different brigades, a number of these vehicles are distributed for the purpose of defending the territorial integrity of the country, and the rest of these vehicles, which are our national capital, will be protected and maintained,” said Sediqullah Nusrat, the spokesman of the 209th Army Corps of Al-Fath.
Authorities, in the 209th Army Command of Al-Fath, says that protection of the borders and the defense of the territorial integrity of the country are stated as one of their most basic goals.
“Your children, your brothers, have maintained the treasury and repaired the vehicles that were destroyed, and in the future, we will defend the territorial integrity of the country and the people of Afghanistan without any concessions,” said Naqibullah Azizi, army commander in 209th Army Corps.
However, according to officials, the process of repairing vehicles is ongoing.

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