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Two Israelis were killed in the anti-Zionist operation in Hawara

20 Aug 2023 - 9:09

News sources reported an anti-Zionist operation in the town of "Hawara" in the south of Nablus and the killing of two Israelis.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): It said that two Israeli settlers were killed in this operation that took place today, Saturday, August 19.
According to IRNA, Yediot Aharonot newspaper announced that the occupants of a car started shooting at Zionist settlers in Hawara.
According to this report, two Israeli settlers were seriously injured in this operation and later died from their injuries.
The media sources of the Zionist regime also announced that the operator of the operation has left the place and the soldiers of the occupying regime are looking for the perpetrator or perpetrators.
According to the reports of these media, the operator of the operation has targeted the intended targets with high accuracy.
The conditions of these days in the occupied territories due to the deep differences that have arisen between the extreme cabinet of "Benyamin Netanyahu" and the opposite faction due to the approval of the judicial bill have expanded to the extent that it has brought the Zionist regime to the point of collapse.
In addition to this issue, the situation in the West Bank is also very special, and the Palestinian fighters, by obtaining all kinds of weapons, respond to the countless crimes of the Zionists with their operations against the settlers and the Zionist soldiers, and this has created special conditions for the usurping Zionists, who Of course, the strengthening of the power of the Palestinian fighters in Gaza and especially the authority of Hezbollah on the northern border of the occupied territories should be added to it; An issue that has become a nightmare for Zionists.

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