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Libyan Prime Minister: Tripoli supports the Palestinian issue

2 Sep 2023 - 9:23

After the massive protests of the Libyan people condemning the meeting of the Foreign Minister of this country with his Zionist counterpart, the Libyan Prime Minister said: Tripoli supports the Palestinian issue.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Prime Minister of the National Unity Government of Libya, "Abd al-Hamid al-Dabibah," last Thursday evening once again emphasized the country's support for the Palestinian issue and the struggles of the people of this country against the Zionist regime.
The Libyan Prime Minister also said: We are against any normalization of relations with Israel.
Last Sunday, the Israeli media reported on the secret meeting between Tel Aviv Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and Libyan Foreign Minister al-Manoqhosh in Rome, Italy, which was held in the first step with the aim of discussing the relations between the Zionist regime and Libya.
After the revelation of this meeting by the Zionist media, many demonstrations took place in Libyan cities in protest against this meeting, and the demonstrators burned the Israeli flag and blocked the roads of several Libyan cities.
Last Monday, Al-Dabibah officially removed "Najla Al-Monghosh" from his position.
It is said that the deposed foreign minister of Libya has fled to Turkey.

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