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US special representative for Afghanistan:

The fight of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan with ISIS has been effective and serious!

14 Sep 2023 - 15:24

The US special representative for Afghanistan has said that the fight between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and ISIS has been effective and serious, because ISIS attacks in Afghanistan have decreased significantly and since the beginning of this year, 8 commanders of this group have been killed in Afghanistan.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Thomas Wiest, the US special representative for Afghanistan, in a speech at the Stimson think tank, said that "the current government is carrying out its attacks against ISIS in Afghanistan in such an aggressive manner that these attacks can be Attention has reduced the abilities of the Khorasan branch of ISIS, and the efforts of the Islamic Emirate to reduce the activities and abilities of this group have been successful and effective.
These statements follow the words of two senior American officials who said: based on new US intelligence assessments, it is unlikely that Al-Qaeda will revive in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the anti-terrorist operations of the Islamic Emirate will significantly reduce the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan.

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