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Education Woman Online University offers free education to thousands of Afghan girls

17 Sep 2023 - 12:02

Fourteen thousand Afghan women are currently studying through the Woman Online University which offers courses across 14 faculties for free.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, The university has 450 professors and lecturers based in Afghanistan and around the world who provide the classes.

“In 14 faculties, we have about 14,000 students from all over Afghanistan, even from remote provinces. Despite all the economic problems that exist, including internet issues, girls still join us so as not to stay away from academic environments,” said Adila Zamani, one professor from Woman Online University.
“We believe that there should not be any disruption in the educational process of girls because the education of girls is a prerequisite for the progress of a society,” she said.
Lecturers teach Afghan girls for free and course materials are provided to them on the website.
“I feel happy that as a professor at the Women’s Online University, we are a source of service for the women of our country. Woman Online University has provided education in homes and online for the women of our land,” said another professor.
Meanwhile, the students of this university have urged the Islamic Emirate to remove educational restrictions.
The US National Security Council’s spokesman John Kirby also recently called for the restrictions on education to be lifted.
“If the Taliban want to be recognized, if they want to be seen as a legitimate government, they must fulfill the commitments they have made, including how to deal with women and girls, which includes the education of girls and young women,” said Kirby.
Islamic Emirate officials, however, have repeatedly emphasized that they provide rights to women and girls within the framework of Islamic Sharia.

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