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Pakistan and IEA must ‘persevere’ to achieve shared goals

17 Sep 2023 - 21:08

Pakistan’s caretaker prime minister has asked the Islamic Emirate to work together with Islamabad to strengthen bilateral relations.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, In a letter to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s (IEA) prime minister Mullah Hasan Akhund, Kakar said Pakistan enjoys close fraternal relations with Afghanistan which are rooted in commonalities of religion, culture and history. 

“We are neighbours and brothers. I remain fully committed to further strengthen these relations across the entire gamut of our bilateral ties, particularly in political, security, economic and cultural domains,” he wrote. 
Kakar also stated that enhanced regional trade and connectivity remains vital for the prosperity of both countries. 
“We must work assiduously to achieve these shared goals,” he said.

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