Publish dateMonday 18 September 2023 - 21:35
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Rawnaq launches business development program for 40 small companies
To support the private sector and create jobs for internally displaced people (IDPs), Cordaid International Organization has launched a trade development training program for 40 small businesses through a project, Rawnaq.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, Zalmay Isaar, manager of Rawnaq in Herat, said that the participants have learned basic business skills over a week’s training session.
“The main goal of Rawnaq project is to create jobs and work opportunities for internally displaced people, and in the second step, we are trying to get private companies to help us to achieve this goal,” said Isaar.
This project gives valid documents to the participants so that they can promote their businesses, he added.
A number of businessmen and industrialists meanwhile believe that this project will be effective for the growth of domestic production.
“It has been really effective and useful for the companies whose managers are women because it is the need of every company that they should have the capacity and build capacity,” said Behnaz Seljuqi, deputy director of Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries in the western zone.
On the sidelines of this program, an exhibition of handicrafts and domestic products has also been held.
It is said that many men and women who have received the necessary training in business have started small businesses for themselves.
“Inshallah, we will implement these equations and programs that we learned during the program in our work and business,” said Nazir Ahmad Noori, a businessman.
Rawnaq project started its activity in 2020 and its aim is to grow businesses so that they can provide employment for IDPs through investment.
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