Publish dateTuesday 26 September 2023 - 10:12
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An 18-year prison sentence for a female student in Saudi Arabia for the crime of criticism
Saudi Arabia's criminal court sentenced an 18-year-old girl to 18 years in prison for criticizing the country's rulers.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The human rights organization "Al-Qast", which deals with the issues of political prisoners in Saudi Arabia, today (Monday, September 25, 2023) of the sentence of 18 years of imprisonment by the criminal court of this country for "Manal Al-Ghafiri" (18 Saleh) reported for the crime of criticizing the Saudi rulers.
According to this human rights organization, the trial of this high school girl was held in August, one year after her arrest.
According to Al Majd news website, "Manal al-Ghafiri" was arrested last year for writing content on the social network "X" (formerly Twitter) and supporting political prisoners; While studying at school.
Also, in addition to 18 years of imprisonment, the Saudi Criminal Court sentenced him to a ban on leaving the country after his release.
Criticism of government officials on social networks in Saudi Arabia has always been accompanied by heavy sentences; Last month, "Mohammed Al-Ghamdi", one of the political activists of Saudi Arabia, was sentenced to death for criticizing Mohammed bin Salman on X social network.
Two days ago, in an interview with Fox News, in response to the host's question about Al-Ghamdi's execution, "Mohammed bin Salman" expressed his regret for this sentence and claimed that the judicial system in Saudi Arabia acts independently, saying: "These ugly laws must change".
In response to Bin Salman's words, Lajvi Shia, a researcher in the field of Saudi Arabia at the World Human Rights Watch, ridiculed him and said: "Cases of violations of freedoms and heavy rulings occur during the reign of Bin Salman, and it is ridiculous that He criticizes the General Prosecutor's Office for these rulings, while Saudi political officials have a high influence in the judicial system.
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