Publish dateSunday 1 October 2023 - 16:04
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The visit of the second minister of Israel to Saudi Arabia
Just a few days after the visit of the Minister of Tourism of the Zionist regime to Saudi Arabia, the Minister of Communications of this regime went to Saudi Arabia at the head of a high-ranking delegation of officials of this regime.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): A delegation from occupied Palestine, headed by Israel's Minister of Communications Shlomo Karai, left for Saudi Arabia today (Sunday) to participate in the meeting of the World Postal Union.
"Arab48" news site, citing the Zionist media, reported that a number of officials from the Ministry of Communications of the Zionist regime, "David Bitan", the head of the Knesset (Parliament of the Zionist regime) economy committee, will accompany Karai on this trip. However, no representative of the Zionist Postal Organization is present in this delegation and they will participate in the meeting online.
Arab48 says that the reason for the non-attendance of officials of the Post Organization in this meeting, which is to be held in Riyadh, was the dispute between Karai and Mishael Faknin, the head of the Post Company.
This trip is taking place while previously "Haim Katz", the Minister of Tourism of the Zionist regime, had also left for Saudi Arabia on Tuesday last week to participate in the UN Tourism Organization meeting.
Before this trip, Kan radio reported that an official of the Ministry of Public Health of the Zionist regime met with a senior Saudi politician in Saudi Arabia.
While calling this trip a secret, Kahn did not mention the name of the mentioned Saudi official and at the same time claimed that he was not allowed to publish more information about this trip.
The officials of the Zionist regime are traveling to Saudi Arabia while Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman recently said in an interview with the American channel "Fox News" that Riyadh and Tel Aviv are getting closer to normalizing relations every day.
Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, also claimed in his recent speech at the United Nations General Assembly that relations between this regime and Saudi Arabia will be normalized soon.
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