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Chamber of Commerce and Investment from the international community:

Economic restrictions on the country should be removed / the World Bank should resume operations in Afghanistan

2 Oct 2023 - 11:33

The officials of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment of the country say that the Afghan businessmen have emphasized in the meeting with the officials of the World Bank and the representatives of a number of countries to remove the restrictions imposed on the Afghan economy.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: A meeting on investments in Afghanistan was held in Turkey with the presence of members of the private sector of the country, officials of the World Bank and representatives of the United States, Britain and Italy.
Mohammad Yonus Momand, the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment, says that during this meeting, Afghan businessmen have asked the international community to remove the economic restrictions imposed on Afghanistan and provide the basis for the presence of more investors in Afghanistan.
Based on Momand's statements; The problems of Afghanistan's private sector have an external dimension, and the chamber wants the international community to pay attention to Afghanistan's external problems, recognize Afghanistan and remove the restrictions.
Khairuddin Mayel, the commercial vice president of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment, also said in this context that the Afghan construction companies that had contracts with foreign donors have completed their work and now the money of the Afghan construction companies should be paid so that they do not stop their business activities.
At the same time, the officials in the Chamber of Industries and Mines emphasize that for economic growth in the country, it is necessary for international organizations to start their work in Afghanistan.
Sakhi Ahmad Peyman, the first deputy of the Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines, said: "If the World Bank and the international community want the people of Afghanistan to recover from the economic crisis, the right solution is for the World Bank to cooperate with the private sector of Afghanistan."
On the other hand, the Ministry of Economy has asked the World Bank to resume its activities in Afghanistan.
The Ministry of Economy believes that the beginning of half-finished projects will provide job opportunities for citizens.
Abdul Latif Nazari, Deputy Professional of the Ministry of Economy, told the media: "Starting half-finished projects with the cooperation of the World Bank can play an important role in economic development and creating employment." Our request to the World Bank is to open its representative office in Kabul and thereby help Afghanistan's economic cooperation.
Earlier, the World Bank had said in a report that after the resumption of the Islamic Emirate, the work of 29 projects of this bank in Afghanistan has been stopped.

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