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WHO urgently Seeks $7.9 Million in Aid For quake-hit victims of Herat

19 Oct 2023 - 20:47

The World Health Organization (WHO) called for $7.9 million in funding to provide vital services to the 114,000 residents of Herat.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, On Thursday, the World Health Organization stated that women, girls, children and other vulnerable communities make up more than 90 per cent of the casualties and injuries from the Herat earthquake.

The requested funds will be instrumental in ensuring that medical services reach those most in need, especially vulnerable groups like women, children, and marginalized communities, constituting over 90 per cent of the earthquake’s casualties and injuries in Herat.
According to this organization, at least 40 health centres in 9 districts of Herat have been damaged, and access to health services for 58,000 people is challenging.
Earlier, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs declared that a total of $93.6 million is needed to address the needs of earthquake victims in various sectors in Herat.
The World Food Programme also previously announced that it requires a budget of $19 million for emergency assistance to tens of thousands of Herat earthquake survivors.
The United Nations has reported that the Herat earthquake has had a profound impact, directly affecting over 43,000 individuals in the region. This disaster has left more than 3,330 residential houses in ruins, underscoring the magnitude of the devastation the local population faces.
The immediate need for humanitarian aid, shelter, and support for those who have lost their homes is evident, and efforts to rebuild the affected communities will be a significant undertaking in the wake of this natural catastrophe.

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