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The operation of 10 hospitals in Gaza has stopped as a result of Israeli attacks

23 Oct 2023 - 10:45

Gaza's Ministry of Public Health announced the suspension of at least 10 hospitals as a result of attacks by the Zionist regime and lack of fuel.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Zionist regime's attacks on the Gaza Strip continue, and at least 10 hospitals have been stopped so far.
The Ministry of Public Health in Gaza announced that the number of hospitals that have ceased to operate due to bombing and lack of fuel reached 10 hospitals.
According to Palestinian media reports, the Ministry of Public Health in Gaza also announced that the total number of medical centers that have stopped operating as a result of the Zionist regime's attacks is 26.
On the other hand, the spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Public Health in Gaza said that more than 140 wounded Palestinians are in the intensive care unit of Gaza hospitals and their condition is very dangerous.
He added: "Israel's threats to evacuate hospitals will lead to a medical disaster."
According to the latest statistics, since the start of Al-Aqsa storm operation, 4,741 Palestinians have been martyred and 15,898 people have been injured.
Gaza Public Health Minister: The Zionist regime mainly targets residential areas
In an interview with Al Jazeera, the Minister of Public Health of Gaza emphasized that the medical situation in Gaza is in the worst condition and is suffering from collapse after collapse.
He further emphasized that the Zionist regime mainly targets neighborhoods and residential areas.
He continued to add: "Our big problem now is fuel, which has run out, and none of the humanitarian aid trucks have carried a single drop of fuel to Gaza." He further emphasized that we urgently need fuel because many patients are facing the risk of death due to lack of fuel.

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