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UN Concerned By Lack of Funds for Quake-hit people of Herat

24 Oct 2023 - 14:12

Organizations of the United Nations, have announced that the victims of the Herat earthquake need immediate humanitarian aid.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, These organizations( World Food Programme, the International Organization for Migration, United Nations for Children's Fund) have said that they are facing a lack of funds.

“We are quickly running out of funds, and the affected communities need more than the emergency assistance to rebuild their lives," the WFP said.
“People affected by the Herat earthquakes need immediate help. We're on the ground to provide support, together with our partners,” said IOM.
"The lack of necessary coordination and joint cooperation between domestic organizations and foreign organizations in the field of aid has caused a series of declines in the level of need for aid, but it appears from the situation that the level of need for aid will increase with the arrival of the winter season,” said Shaker Yaqui, an economist.
Meanwhile, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Afghanistan wrote in a report that “more than 21,500 homes have been completely destroyed (8,429) – mostly in Herat, Injil and Zindajan districts – and severely damaged (17,088) in the earthquakes.”
The Ministry of Economy considers the assistance of the United Nations organizations to be a serious need for the victims of the Herat earthquake.
“Aid from the international community and the United Nations can help in the reconstruction of earthquake-affected areas and in the development and employment projects for many people,” said Habib Rahman Habibi, spokesman for the Ministry of Economy.
Meanwhile, an institution in Qatar has launched a campaign to collect food and medical equipment for the survivors of the Herat earthquake.
“Qatar Charity began distributing food baskets to those affected by the earthquake that struck Afghanistan recently, and this came in conjunction with the launch of its “Help Afghanistan” campaign to show solidarity with the Afghan people and help those affected by the earthquake.”
The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the aid of 50,000 dollars from China for the earthquake victims of Herat.
In the earthquakes nearly two weeks ago in Herat, dozens of villages in the Zindajan, Injil, and Kashk Rabat Sangi districts of the province were completely destroyed. In these earthquakes, hundreds of houses were seriously damaged in other parts of Herat.

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