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NATO Secretary General: We continue to support Ukraine

2 Nov 2023 - 11:15

NATO Secretary General says that the war in Gaza should not weaken the West's will and ability to support Ukraine.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday at the 75th Nordic Council in Oslo, the capital of Norway: "The war in Gaza should not weaken our will and ability to support "Ukraine will lead."
According to Fars, Stoltenberg said: "The new winter is near and we must expect new attacks against Ukraine's energy resources and other critical infrastructure. There is no sign of Russia planning for peace." "They are planning more war."
He continued: "We must continue to support Ukraine. That means more weapons."
"Sputnik" news agency wrote, Ukrainian armed forces lost 6 Leopard tanks in the past days. The Western press also admits that Ukraine has lost 12 out of 71 Leopard-2 tanks, or a fifth of them, since the start of its counterattack. These German-made tanks suffered the first casualties during the US war in Afghanistan.
The Western media have reported that the US and its allies have sent obsolete equipment to Ukraine, some of which even contained dangerous substances. In addition, due to ammunition shortages and concerns about deploying its advanced weapons, the West has resorted to combining old American and Soviet-era weapons.
  Not long ago, Denmark's TV channel Two revealed in a report that more than 50% of the new package of "Leopard 1" tanks that Denmark sent to Ukraine had technical defects.

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