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Washington Post: 10,000 Americans went to Israel for the Gaza war

29 Nov 2023 - 16:35

The "Washington Post" newspaper, citing a Zionist official, wrote that thousands of American Jews joined the war against the Gaza Strip after the call of the Zionist regime's army.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: According to Fars International News Group, the Washington Post newspaper reported that after the surprise operation of "Al-Aqsa Storm" against the Provisional Zionist regime, thousands of Jewish Americans joined the army of this regime to help in the criminal war against the Gaza Strip.
In this report, while referring to the heavy casualties of the Zionist regime during the Al-Aqsa storm, it is stated: "Thousands of Americans associated with the Israeli army were present in the violent revenge war against Gaza. Weeks of aerial bombardment and subsequent ground offensive killed thousands of Palestinian children and civilians in the [Gaza] Strip.
Referring to the complete destruction of neighborhoods and areas in the Gaza Strip, the paralyzing of hospitals and the scarcity of water and food, this newspaper quoted a Zionist official and wrote: "About 10,000 Americans after the call of the Israeli army to participate in the war, as part of the call of 360,000 reservists joined the army.
According to the US State Department, at least 8 citizens of this country were killed while serving in the Zionist army and the war against the Gaza Strip.
The Washington Post went on to quote an American Jewish woman, whose brother joined the army of the Zionist terrorist regime thousands of kilometers away from New York and attacked the Gaza Strip, and wrote that she is worried that the Tel Aviv cabinet will use Hamas operations as an excuse to "justify severe attacks on people." Palestine or even war crimes.
This newspaper then compared the haste and rush of Americans to fight in the army of the child-killing Zionist regime against the Gaza Strip to the early days of Russia's special military operations in Ukraine and the Kiev regime's request to Americans and other foreigners to help this country.
The Washington Post, however, explained the differences between the two issues: "In this case, most of the Americans who joined the [Gaza] war have previously served in the Israeli army or are still reservists." Basically, about 1,200 Americans served in the Israeli army last year.
In the rest of this article, it is written about a Jewish American who happily returned to the Israeli army to kill the people of Gaza, asked to remain in the military service to fight with the Palestinians, or even some volunteered to register as a reserve force in ten years.
The desire of the Americans to attack the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is at a time when during the 49 days of brutal war and all-round siege against this strip, more than 14,500 Palestinians were martyred and more than 30,000 people were injured, according to the authorities. Children and women make up more than 70% of these statistics./Fars news

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