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Russia does not expect a ceasefire with Ukraine in 2024

30 Nov 2023 - 10:32

According to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the military conflict in Ukraine will most likely end not with the signing of a peace agreement, but with the achievement of all the goals of Russia's special operations.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Sergey Ryabkov said: I not only do not expect a ceasefire, but I also expect that the goals of the special military operation will definitely be realized.

He also does not see any prerequisites for the US to force Ukraine to conclude a ceasefire with the Russian authorities.

Sputnik news agency quoted him and reported: If our American colleagues have an opinion on this matter, of course they have the right and are free to present it in any way. We will listen to them, But they should refer not to us, but to Kiev. There is nothing to discuss with us regarding the conditions that Ukraine has raised.

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine were suspended in May 2022. In September of the same year, Russia annexed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, Kherson and Zaparozhia regions. In this regard, Kiev refused to negotiate with Moscow as long as Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia. Russian officials have repeatedly announced their readiness to negotiate, but Ukraine denies this.

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