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In the past 72 years, America has given more than 70,000 weapons and military equipment to the Zionist regime

1 Dec 2023 - 11:23

According to the analysis of the Axios website from the "Arms Transfer Database" affiliated with the "Stockholm International Peace Research Institute", between 1950 and 2022, the United States sold more than 70,000 types of weapons and military equipment, including aircraft, ground vehicles, missiles and bombs, from through military aid to the Zionist regime.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: According to the Axios website's analysis of the "Arms Transfer Database" affiliated with the "Stockholm International Peace Research Institute" known as "SIPRI", the United States between 1950 and 2022 more than It has given over 70,000 types of weapons and military equipment, including planes, land vehicles, missiles and bombs, to the Zionist regime through military aid.
According to ISNA, Tel Aviv is the largest recipient of foreign military funding from the United States, and most of this assistance comes in the form of arms-related financial aid.
Elias Yousef, an expert on U.S. arms transfers at the Stimson Center, told Time earlier this month: "I think it's reasonable to make the assumption that U.S. weapons are being used in Israel's current operations in Gaza."
The United States has provided at least 16 types of weapons to the Zionist regime in 2023, including missiles and aircraft. However, the exact number and type of weapons provided have not been made public.
Some of America's progressive Democratic figures have pressured the White House to act more transparently in the future. Democratic representative Cory Bush recently told the Washington Post, "The Biden administration should have the same transparency regarding arms transfers to Israel as it does to Ukraine and other parties."
The Pentagon insists that the United States will not place restrictions on how Israeli forces use US-provided weapons, although the Biden administration has called on Tel Aviv to limit civilian casualties in the new Gaza war and has approved humanitarian pauses in the conflict. 

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