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China warns America about intervention in Taiwan

3 Dec 2023 - 9:57

China's Ministry of Defense has warned the US about any interference in Taiwan and the South China Sea.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Wu Qian, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense of China, warned Washington in a press conference: "The sale of American weapons to Taiwan has turned this island into a storehouse of gunpowder."

The spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of China added: Taiwan's security depends on the peaceful development of relations with China, not on the purchase of a few pieces of American-made weapons.

He continued: We want the American side to follow through on its words and take concrete steps to fulfill its commitment to not support Taiwan's independence, stop arming Taiwan, and undermine China's main interests.

The Chinese government considers Taiwan to be an inseparable part of its territory and insists that based on the "one China principle" policy to which the United States is committed, this island should be under Beijing's rule.

Beijing is sensitive to any official meeting and negotiation between foreign governments with Taiwan.

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