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The Zionists are killing all over Gaza; 700 martyrs in 24 hours

3 Dec 2023 - 14:28

​​​​​​​The Director General of the Palestinian Information Office in Gaza said in an interview with "Al Jazeera" news channel that there is no safe place in Gaza and the occupiers are killing everywhere in Gaza.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: He added: More than 700 people have been martyred in Gaza in the last 24 hours.

On the other hand, Palestinian news sources reported today that the fighters of the Zionist regime bombed and completely destroyed another mosque in the "Al-Tafah" area, located in the east of Gaza City.

Al Jazeera reported that 9 people were martyred in the bombing of the Israeli regime's fighters in Al-Janina neighborhood of Rafah city, during which a house was targeted.

Also, Mohammad Bassal, the spokesperson of the Gaza civil defense, told Al Jazeera that the firemen and civil defense are not safe from the Israeli bombardment.

He pointed out that thousands of martyrs are still under the rubble and we cannot get them out.

Mohammad Basl added: We cannot deal with the situation of the bodies under the rubble in Gaza and the north of the Gaza Strip

Meanwhile, the attacks of the Zionist regime resumed on Friday morning after seven days of ceasefire.

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