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The unique scientific achievement of the Iranian researcher becomes the first standard of dentistry in America and the world

7 Dec 2023 - 10:32

An Iranian researcher and dentist has invented a new treatment method as a unique scientific achievement, which will be introduced as the first standard of dentistry in America and the world for the first time.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: "Compendium" specialized publication, as the only scientific and educational publication in dentistry, which is responsible for managing the US retraining score system and announcing standards in modern treatment methods for all dentists in this country, for the first time Bar introduced the new treatment method of an Iranian researcher as the standard of the day in the world of dental medicine.
Dr. Behnam Shakibaei, an Iranian maxillofacial surgeon and researcher, after years of research and effort in Germany and America, finally managed to register the new microscopic treatment method "Implant" and by doing this fundamental change in the treatment of patients, he succeeded, according to the Compendium publication. Register it as the American standard of the day.

This treatment technique called "microscopic and digital implantology" which includes several surgical techniques including "prosthesis" and this Iranian doctor was previously introduced as the best gum surgeon in Germany with this treatment method.
According to the Compendium publication, this new treatment method and protocol will become the first standard of the United States from 2024, and in this way, an Iranian researcher succeeded in breaking the scientific monopoly in this field, which was completely in the hands of the United States, by registering the above plan.
In an interview with reporters in Tehran, Dr. Behnam Shakibaei said about this achievement: What happened recently is that we have defined a complete new treatment protocol and technique from zero to 100 under the title of microscopic and digital implantology, which several It includes surgical techniques including prosthetics.

In a further explanation, he stated that this is a completely new field that starts with minimally invasive tooth extraction and cavity reconstruction, adding: so that when a tooth is damaged and the patient comes for its treatment, the first stage of treatment In fact, it is a minimally invasive tooth extraction and reconstruction of the empty tooth cavity.
This sub-specialist of gum surgery added: Of course, this is my own technique that I invented 15 years ago and I received the award of the best gum surgeon in Germany, and the news of it has also been published.
Dr. Shakibaei continued: The patient waits and comes two months later. At that time, we perform microscopic implant surgery and also microscopic plastic surgery of the gums around the implant, which are two new protocols that we published this year with the University of Pennsylvania.

He stated: The important point is that this new treatment method and protocol has become the first standard of the United States since 2024, and this week in the specialized publication Compendium, which has the privilege of retraining and is the only publication that is in the hands of all 200 A thousand American dentists will arrive, it has also been published.
This Iranian researcher added: After every new technique in the field of dentistry is published in the Compendium magazine, this technique becomes the first standard of dentistry in the United States, and all dentists in the United States should use it in order to become more familiar with the edge of science in the world. to learn

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