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Tel Aviv's agreement to build 1,738 Zionist units in East Jerusalem

7 Dec 2023 - 16:12

By abusing the attention of public opinion to the Gaza war, the Zionist regime agreed to the construction of 1,738 Zionist units in occupied East Jerusalem.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: According to Fars News Agency, the Zionist organization "Peace Now" reported on Wednesday that the Zionist cabinet announced its final approval for the construction of 1,738 Zionist housing units in a town in the southeast of occupied Jerusalem. 
Hagit Hofran, a member of the anti-settlement non-governmental organization, said: "If it were not for the (Gaza) war, the agreement to build these units would have caused a great controversy because it is an extremely problematic project for the extension of the Palestinian state from the south of the West Bank to East Jerusalem.”. 
According to Rai Elyoum newspaper, on Tuesday, the Israeli leftist organization Air Amim, which is interested in East Jerusalem, reported that the Israeli authorities agreed to build 1,792 units in the settlement of Sur Baher, located in East Jerusalem. 
The organization added that the Israeli authorities, misusing the opportunity of the war against Gaza, agreed to build a new settlement in East Jerusalem, which is the first settlement in East Jerusalem since 2012. 
In this regard, the Jordanian Foreign Ministry condemned the Zionist regime's decision to build this settlement in a statement and called on the international community to oblige Tel Aviv to respect international laws. 
Egypt also condemned the Zionist cabinet's agreement to build this settlement and considered it a clear violation of international resolutions./Fars News

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