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America's attempt to escort commercial ships in the Red Sea

8 Dec 2023 - 13:33

After attacking several Israeli ships in the Red Sea, the US is considering strengthening protections for commercial vessels around a vital Red Sea shipping route.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Amid a series of missile attacks by the Yemeni army, the United States is considering strengthening the protection of commercial vessels around a vital Red Sea shipping route, according to military officials.
The United States has discussed ways to increase security in the region with members of the Combined Maritime Task Force, a multinational naval task force tasked with protecting merchant ships in the Red Sea.
According to Isna, according to what CNN reports, US officials have publicly said that discussions are focused on the possibility of escorting ships operating in the Red Sea through the Bab al-Mandab strait to the Gulf of Aden - the narrow channel that separates Yemen from the Horn of Africa. 
The vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said at the Atlantic Council in Washington on Monday that seven members of the task force - made up of 39 countries with rotating commands - have already offered to help. US officials declined to say which countries had stepped forward.
After seizing and targeting ships related to the Zionist regime in the last few days, the Yemeni armed forces announced on Wednesday that they fired ballistic missiles to the south of the occupied territories.
In the statement of the Yemeni armed forces, it is stated: The Yemeni armed forces will carry out their military operations against the Israeli enemy and also implement the decision to prevent the passage of Israeli ships in the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea in order to help the oppressed people of Palestine until the aggression against our brothers in Israel stops.
The Wall Street Journal writes that "America has told Israel not to respond to the missile attacks of the Yemeni army."
The United States has told the Zionist regime to allow the American military to respond to the attacks of the Yemeni armed forces against the interests of this regime in the Red Sea.
America is worried that the reaction of the Zionist regime will expand the current conflict in the region.

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