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Chief of Staff to the opponents of the Islamic Emirate: You cannot achieve results through war

9 Dec 2023 - 12:48

The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces said during his visit to Badakhshan province that war is not the solution in the country and those who oppose the regime should stop fighting and raise their problems through dialogue and negotiation.

Afghan Voice Agecny (AVA): Fasihuddin Fitrat said in this regard: "They (armed opponents) in Afghanistan cannot achieve a result through war. If their goal is that they can achieve a result through war, this has no result or fruit."

Mr. Fitrat also called the concerns of the Central Asian countries about the presence of foreign forces in the country unfounded and said that there are no foreign forces in Afghanistan and assured the Central Asian countries that the Afghan soil will not be used against them.

Fitrat said: "Worries in this regard are baseless and unnecessary."

He also said that the activity of the ISIS group in Afghanistan has been curbed and the leaders of this group have been suppressed and destroyed and they are not able to operate and confront the forces of the Islamic Emirate.

He added: "Most of these clans were suppressed and killed in Afghanistan, and of course, they could not achieve their goals and were thoroughly beaten by the forces of the Islamic Emirate."

This senior military official of the country stated that the reason for the non-recognition of the Islamic Emirate is the non-acceptance of the unjustified demands of the international community and emphasized that demands that are against national and Islamic values will not be accepted.

Previously, news was published on social networks about the ban on the visit of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces to the north of the country, and Mr. Fitrat clarified during his trip to Badakhshan that the publication of such news is the work of the enemies of the ruling system and there is no difference in the ranks of the Islamic Emirate. does not have.

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