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The Ministry of Education called the recent report of the United Nations Human Rights Division on the education of boys unrealistic

10 Dec 2023 - 9:39

The Ministry of Education has rejected the report of the United Nations Human Rights Watch in connection with the decline in the quality of teaching and the dismissal of female teachers from schools.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: The Ministry of Education has published a statement saying that no female teachers have been fired, and that there are currently 95,000 female teachers teaching in schools.

In the announcement, it is also said about corporal punishment of students: this act is inappropriate and illegitimate from the point of view of the holy religion of Islam, and in relation to its prohibition, the guidance and decisions of the leadership of the Ministry of Education to the education directorates of the center and provinces have been issued by several schools. And through that, school administrations have been informed.

The Ministry of Education said in its announcement that "not only has it not paid little attention to boys' schools, but it has paid serious attention to its growth and development even in the most remote parts of the country."

This ministry adds: "As an example, we can mention the trips and continuous supervision of the leading officials of the Ministry of Education to investigate the administrative and teaching affairs of schools in the center and provinces."

The Ministry of Education also said that "95 thousand female teachers" work for this ministry. The ministry said that female teachers were recruited from boys' schools to girls' schools. It has also been said that "female teachers' salaries will be paid as in the past."

In connection with the corporal punishment of students in schools, the Ministry of Education said that "several letters have been sent to the education departments of the center and provinces, and in case of disobedience to these instructions, the perpetrators will be dealt with legally."

In the announcement of Hattab's Ministry of Education to the Human Rights Organization, it is stated: Considering the points presented, our request from the relevant institutions in this regard is to come to our country and improve the situation in all areas, including the education sector. check closely so that such ambiguities can be prevented in the future with detailed and comprehensive evaluations.

Human Rights Watch published a report on the situation of boys' schools in Afghanistan on Wednesday, December 9.

In a part of this report, Human Rights Watch also discussed the alarming increase in corporal punishment of male students in Afghan schools.

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