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Secretary General of Amnesty International: America's veto of the ceasefire resolution in Gaza is indefensible

10 Dec 2023 - 9:43

In a statement, the Secretary General of Amnesty International criticized the veto of the Gaza ceasefire resolution by the United States and said that by vetoing this resolution, the United States showed a callous indifference to the suffering of civilians in the face of the staggering number of casualties, widespread destruction and unprecedented human tragedy in the occupied Gaza Strip.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: America's decision to veto a resolution that calls for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza war has been strongly condemned by human rights groups.

The Guardian newspaper reported that "Ennis Kalamar", the Secretary General of Amnesty International, said that the US decision to veto the resolution was "morally indefensible".

Callamar also said: "By vetoing this resolution, the United States has shown a callous indifference to the suffering of civilians in the face of staggering numbers of casualties, widespread destruction and an unprecedented humanitarian disaster in the occupied Gaza Strip."

He added: "The United States shamelessly used its veto right as a tool to exert force against the UN Security Council and further undermined its credibility and ability to fulfill its commitment to establishing international peace and security."

The Secretary General of Amnesty International pointed out: "There is no justification for continuing to prevent the targeted action of the UN Security Council in order to prevent the mass killing of civilians. "Using this veto is morally indefensible and abandoning America's duties to prevent brutal crimes and comply with international laws."

This UN official further stated: "In addition to preventing the United States from approving a ceasefire that would end widespread human suffering in Gaza, help the return of prisoners, calm the growing tensions in the region, and transfer American-made ammunition to the government of Israel It continues, leading to the death of the entire family."

Callamar also said: "It is clear that America, as the only country that vetoed this resolution, is isolated from many parts of the world and its own population. It has displayed a complete lack of global leadership and is unable to understand the historical significance of the current moment."

According to Isna, the UN Security Council held a meeting last night to review the resolution proposed by the UAE to establish a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, but this measure failed due to the US veto.

Reuters reports that the United States vetoed the UN Security Council's request for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza amid Israeli attacks on the strip.

This English media wrote about this veto: while "Washington is defending its ally, it isolates itself diplomatically."

The Washington Post newspaper also wrote, "This is the third time since the beginning of the massive attacks by the Zionist regime on Gaza that the United States has vetoed an immediate ceasefire resolution to end it."

Thirteen members of the Security Council voted in favor of the draft of this resolution, which was presented at the initiative of the UAE, but the United Kingdom abstained and the United States rejected it.

In response to this US action, the representative of China said: "We regret that Washington used a veto on the draft resolution that called for a ceasefire in the midst of the ongoing killings."

Criticizing the dual approach of the US, the Chinese diplomat said that "confirming the continuation of the conflict contradicts the claim of concern for the lives and security of the people of Gaza."

The representative of China continued to criticize the US and said that confirming the continuation of the conflict while we want to prevent its spread is a form of "self-deception".

The representative of Russia also said: "Preventing the implementation of the ceasefire is the execution of the American death sentence for thousands and maybe tens of thousands of Palestinians."

The representative of Palestine in the United Nations also criticized the US veto and said: "It is a tragedy that the Security Council once again stopped its role to stop the Gaza war to protect the lives of millions of Palestinians."

The Palestinian diplomat also said that more than 100 countries wanted a ceasefire in Gaza, but the US veto ruined everything.

In explaining his country's positive vote to the draft resolution, the representative of France said: "We are concerned about the human tragedy in Gaza." "We are determined to work to unite the ranks of the Security Council to act on what is happening in Gaza."

However, the representative of the Zionist regime praised the US action in vetoing the Security Council resolution and thanked the US government for its "firm stand" on Israel's side.

"Gilad Erdan" of the Zionist regime's trip to the United Nations once again repeated the 2 conditions of Tel Aviv for a cease-fire in Gaza and claimed: "A cease-fire is possible; "Only with the return of all the hostages and the destruction of Hamas."

Before the vote, US Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Robert Wood claimed in his speech at the Security Council meeting about the Gaza Strip: "The United States strongly supports a lasting peace, in which both Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace. and live in safety, but we do not support the request for an immediate ceasefire."

The representative of the United States explicitly supported Tel Aviv and said that "despite the pain of war, Washington is not ready to support the resolution of the UAE." He claimed that Hamas would use the ceasefire to renew attacks.

Claiming Washington's support for "lasting peace" in the region, Wood said: "Hamas has no desire for lasting peace." Hamas is still a threat to Israel and responsible for the current situation in Gaza.

Claiming his country's diplomatic efforts to reduce the suffering in Gaza, the American representative accused Hamas of undermining the pause in the conflicts and claimed that there is a "lack of connection" between the discussions of the Security Council and the situation on the ground.

There is "basic".

These claims of the American representative were raised while Hamas and other Palestinian groups fulfilled the terms of the agreement, including the release of Zionist prisoners and other foreign nationals during the one-week ceasefire period, and it was the Zionists who violated it and resumed attacks on Gaza. .

According to reports, more than 17,000 Palestinian people have been martyred due to the attacks of the Zionist regime in the last 2 months, most of them are children and women.

Paul O'Brien, CEO of Amnesty International in America, also criticized this veto and said: "With this veto, the American government shamelessly turned its back on the immense suffering of civilians, the staggering number of casualties and the unprecedented humanitarian disaster in Gaza, where civilians lost their lives. They pay for it themselves."

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