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Pakistan’s PM: Continue Expulsion of Afghan Migrants

27 Jan 2024 - 23:32

Prime Minister Anwar al-Haq Kakar, has recently defended the decision to expel undocumented migrants from the country.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, On Friday, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, during an interview with a private Pakistani media outlet, emphasized the correctness of expelling migrants from the country and stressed that the next government should carry on with the process of expelling undocumented migrants.

Mr. Kakar made these remarks during a critical period when Pakistan is on the verge of conducting its national elections.
While discussing the continuation of deporting Afghan citizens, Mr. Kakar stated that every individual should enter Pakistan with a visa.
Meanwhile, Pakistani television channel Sama, citing officials from the interim government of Pakistan, reported that approximately 475,603 Afghan citizens without legal documents have been expelled from Pakistan and have returned to their own country following the implementation of the deportation plan.
Pakistan has recently imposed strict restrictions on migrants, especially Afghan migrants, as part of its immigration policy.
Prime Minister Kakar’s remarks have sparked a debate about the treatment of migrants in Pakistan, particularly those without proper documentation.
As Pakistan prepares for its upcoming elections, the issue of immigration and the treatment of migrants will likely continue to be a significant topic of discussion and debate in the country.

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