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Israel accused 190 UN employees of collaborating with Hamas

31 Jan 2024 - 11:05

Reuters has reported that the Israeli regime has accused 190 employees of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) of collaborating with the Hamas movement.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Reuters has published a report today (Tuesday, January 30) saying that it has seen a six-page file in this case.
According to this media report, only the photos and details of 11 UNRWA employees are included in this file.
The Israeli regime claims that these people were involved in the attacks of Hamas on October 7 last year on the cities of the occupied territory and the hostage taking of about 200 Israelis.
According to the Reuters report, it is stated in this file: "From the intelligence information, documents and identity cards seized during the war, it can now be proven that about 190 terrorist operatives of Hamas and Islamic Jihad are employed by UNRWA."
Reuters wrote that this case was provided to this media by an anonymous source.
This source said that this information was collected by Israeli intelligence and provided to the United States of America.
Stephane de Jaric, the spokesman of the Secretary General of the United Nations, said that the organization has not officially received a copy of this file.
After this accusation was made by the Israeli regime, UNRWA fired a number of its employees and announced that the investigation in this field continues.
On the other hand, the Palestinian authorities have accused the Israeli regime of a planned attack to destroy the image of UNRWA.
The Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Mohammad Ashtiyeh, said that this accusation was a "pre-planned political attack" and called on countries to return their aid to UNRWA.
Following this accusation by the Israeli regime, more than ten countries, including America, Britain, Canada and France, suspended their aid to UNRWA.
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has asked these countries to reconsider their decision.

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