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Ukraine is on the verge of failure on the eve of the third year of war with Russia

18 Feb 2024 - 12:02

On the eve of the third year of the Russia-Ukraine war, the evidence points to the continued failures of the Ukrainian army in confronting the Russian forces and their retreat.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): In this regard, the Ukrainian army announced: "It has withdrawn its forces from "Audioka", a small but important city in the east of this country, which was under siege by Russian forces for months.
Avdiyoka - which is the gateway to the Donetsk region - has been the scene of intense fighting for months and has been almost completely destroyed. This small city has actually been the scene of battle since 2014, when Russian-backed militias seized large parts of Donetsk and Luhansk provinces.
The fall of Avdiyoka is the biggest change in more than 1,000 kilometers of the war front since Russian forces occupied the nearby town of Bakhmut in May 2023.
"His decision is based on the 'operational situation around Avdiyoka'," General Oleksandr Sirsky, commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, said in a Facebook statement on Saturday, referring to the order to withdraw Ukrainian troops. He, who was appointed as the commander of the armed forces of Ukraine a few days ago, said: "The Ukrainian forces are taking measures to stabilize the situation and maintain their positions."
John Kirby, the spokesman of the US National Security Council, said earlier: "The risk of Avdiyoka falling is serious, mainly because "the artillery ammunition of the Ukrainian forces is running out in the battle campaign."
He said: "Russia is sending waves of military forces one after another to attack Ukrainian positions. And since Congress has not yet passed the supplemental bill, we have not been able to provide artillery shells that Ukraine desperately needs. place the country to repel Russian attacks."
It seems that the current situation of the Ukrainian war fronts and especially the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from the strategic city of Avdiyka indicates the general trend of this war and its prospects.
In fact, the third year of the war in Ukraine has arrived, while there is no prospect of its end, and the continuation of conflicts, especially after the start of counter-attacks in Ukraine, has caused a significant increase in human and equipment losses on both sides of the war, namely Russia and Ukraine.
On the other hand, the long war between Russia and Ukraine is now practically out of the priority of European countries and to some extent the United States due to other fundamental developments such as the Gaza war and severe inflammation in West Asia on the one hand and the lack of military resources in the countries supporting Kiev on the other hand. has been
This issue has been heavily criticized by the Ukrainian authorities. They know very well that without the continuation of comprehensive and extensive support from the West, they will not be able to stand against Russia even in the short term.
Although the "Joe Biden" administration wants the continuation of tens of billions of US aid to Ukraine in order to oppose Russia and try to weaken Moscow, these efforts are now facing serious obstacles in the US Congress from the Republicans.
The US Senate approved a $95 billion foreign aid package (including $60 billion for Ukraine) earlier last week after months of political wrangling, but the plan faces serious hurdles in the Republican-dominated House of Representatives.
Ukraine is heavily dependent on arms supplies from the United States and other Western allies to continue its war against Russia, which has a much larger military force equipped with more artillery.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned on Thursday that the failure of the United States to approve the continuation of military aid to Ukraine has already affected the battlefield.
At the same time, the Western-oriented government of Kiev adopted a hostile approach towards Russia from the beginning and took steps to become a member of NATO and the European Union. It eventually led to the current war.
Despite the high hopes that the sending and use of tens of billions of dollars of western weapons for the Ukrainian army will lead to its victory in the counter-attacks and recapture of the occupied lands of Ukraine, it can be said that more than 90% of the goals of these counter-attacks have not been achieved. .
Therefore, Ukraine's western partners have come to the conclusion that Ukraine's victory against Russia in the current bloody war is very unlikely.
In mid-September 2023, General Mark Milley, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, emphasized that the victory of Ukraine in the war with Russia is "very difficult and a great goal" and requires "a lot of time". Russia, while emphasizing the ineffective counter-attacks of Ukraine, has announced that the Ukrainian forces have suffered human casualties and huge equipment damage.
Despite these facts, America and NATO still want the continuation of the bloody war in Ukraine. Senior American and NATO officials believe that Russia's victory in the Ukraine war, even in the vicinity of NATO, will mean the discredit of this military organization and the expansion of Russia's regional and international influence and power, and will change the security, military and political equations. It will change in Europe to the detriment of the West.
Therefore, any action that prevents the realization of this scenario, including the sending of all kinds of effective and long-range weapons such as Himars, Atacoms and Cruise Storm Shadow missiles, as well as all kinds of heavy and semi-heavy combat equipment, is on the agenda of the United States and its NATO partners.
However, these measures have only prolonged this war without achieving a result in favor of Ukraine and the Kiev government's disregard for peace plans. Meanwhile, Russia, considering that its economic, military and industrial power is much greater of Ukraine is able to this war for a long time to continue for a long time, while Ukraine cannot resist Russia even for a few months without extensive economic and military aid from the West.

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