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Kazemi Qomi in an interview with AVA;

Iran's policy is to provide the path of Chabahar Free Zone for Afghanistan's economic affairs

27 Feb 2024 - 11:01

The special representative of the presidency and the head of the Iranian embassy in Kabul, on the sidelines of the start of the executive operation of the "Fakher Tower" project with the investment of an Afghan company in the Chabahar Azad region, in a conversation with Ava's reporter, stating that the biggest investment project of the Afghan brothers today in the Chabahar region has started. Kard said: One of the reasons for the importance of the Chabahar Free Zone is its proximity to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia, and on the other hand, it is the shortest route to the great economic country of China. Hassan Kazemi Qomi emphasized that we will transform the Chabahar Free Zone as the beginning of a large transit and regional corridor.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Chabahar: Hassan Kazemi Qomi stated that our agenda is to strengthen the Chabahar Free Zone in the economic discussion, and continued: In the agenda of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the negotiations with the Afghan authorities and Even China has taken place, we intend to be able to transform Chabahar as the beginning of a large transit and regional corridor, within the framework of the corridor that the Chinese have. In fact, Chabahar wants to play this big role in the region.
He said: Afghanistan is landlocked due to its natural conditions. Our country's policy is to provide this Chabahar route for them, in this matter, the railway that is being prepared is very important; The railway route to Central Asia and then directly to Afghanistan!
This responsible official stated that in our agenda, two routes are defined for Afghanistan, one is Zahedan to the border of Milk and Kandahar, and the other is to Herat and from there to China. This is out of direct line with what Central Asia wants to do.
Hassan Kazemi Qomi emphasized on all-round cooperation in economic affairs with Afghanistan and stated: Iran and the Afghan authorities, considering the necessity that exists, and the strategy of the two countries to develop all-round economic and commercial cooperation, including joint investment in Iran has common borders with Afghanistan, we believe that the preparations that are being made will remove the obstacles that are in our laws.
He added: removing obstacles will increase the capital of Afghans inside Chabahar and motivate them. The execution of the construction of a 25-story residential, commercial and hotel tower in Chabahar Azad Zone by Afghan brothers will be a good start.
Meanwhile, on Sunday, the 6th of August, during a ceremony, the implementation of the construction of a 25-story residential, commercial and hotel tower in Chabahar Azad Zone was carried out by the Economic and Technical Delegation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan together with Hassan Kazemi Qomi, the special representative of the presidency. and the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kabul and Seyyed Wahidullah Habibi, the deputy of the Tebian Cultural and Social Activities Center, officially started. This project is managed by Hafizullah Soltani, the manager of Setargan Mohajer Khorasan Company.

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