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Sheikh Al-Azhar: The people of Gaza are facing mass genocide and international institutions are watching

8 Apr 2024 - 10:02

Ahmed al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, stated that the people of Gaza are witnessing the crimes of genocide and mass holocaust of the 21st century insurgents and said that the international institutions are helpless and watching in the Gaza crisis.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Sputnik has reported that "Ahmed al-Tayeb", the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, called for the unity of the Arab countries in this ceremony to restore the strength and ability to grow and progress and deal with crises.
He also said: "The current events in Gaza prove that our contemporary world has lost a rational and wise leadership and is rushing towards an abyss that history has never seen before."
Sheikh Al-Azhar further said: "The only thing that the people under the siege of Gaza know is that they will meet their Lord as a martyr and a witness to the crimes of genocide and mass holocaust of the 21st century insurgents."
"International institutions are watching helplessly after their resolutions on Gaza have been thwarted by the overt interventions of an authoritarian power," Al Tayeb stated.
He also said: "The defenseless people of Gaza are facing murder and genocide at the hands of an armed and cruel army with the most powerful weapons."

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