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The withdrawal of all ground forces of the Israeli army from the Gaza Strip

8 Apr 2024 - 10:33

The Zionist regime's media have reported that the ground forces of this regime have completely withdrawn from the Gaza Strip, except for the "Nahal" brigade, which is stationed at the crossing between the north and south of Gaza.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: According to the claim of the Zionist Army Radio and the spokesman of this regime, all ground military units of the regime except the "Nahal" brigade, which was stationed at the crossing between the north and south of Gaza, withdrew from these areas. 

Zionist radio and television also claimed the end of ground operations in Gaza and the withdrawal of the 98th division from Khan Yunis.

At the same time, Channel 14 of the Zionist regime also announced that in the coming weeks, the offensive attacks of the Zionist army will be aerial and if necessary, a ground attack will also take place.

But the fact is that the withdrawal of the Zionist forces from the Gaza Strip without realizing the goals of the war is considered a great victory for the Palestinian resistance, and it is not unlikely that it is in line with Hamas's conditions for concluding a cease-fire agreement and exchanging prisoners. Something that will happen sooner or later.

According to Al Jazeera network, some Israeli media evaluate the withdrawal from Khan Yunis and the Gaza Strip in the context of preparing to attack Rafah.

At the same time, the new survey of Maariv newspaper shows that 62% of the participants in this survey are dissatisfied with the results of the war between the Israeli regime and the resistance groups in Gaza, and only 29% of the Zionists are satisfied with this process.

On the other hand, one of the main conditions of Hamas for the establishment of a ceasefire and exchange of prisoners was the complete withdrawal of Israeli soldiers from the Gaza Strip.

It should be noted that 7 Israeli soldiers were killed in the Gaza Strip yesterday.

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