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Despite the US warning, Pakistan started the construction of a gas pipeline from Iran

9 Apr 2024 - 11:18

Pakistan's "Jeo News" TV has announced the start of the construction of a pipeline to transfer Iran's gas to Pakistan in this country's territory.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Geo News stated in a report: The President of Iran will travel to Islamabad in two weeks to complete the process of the peace gas pipeline project, therefore Pakistan has decided to review the process of mapping and engineering design related to the construction of 80 km of gas pipeline to the border of Iran.
After a 10-year hiatus, Pakistan has started the construction of a gas pipeline from Iran, a move that is necessary to meet Islamabad's energy needs.
An informed source in Pakistan's Ministry of Energy said: The Ministry of Petroleum will request a significant amount for this project in the budget of the current financial year, the implementation of this project is estimated to cost 44 billion Pakistani rupees and it will take up to two years to complete.
According to Tasnim, Pakistan has decided to complete the gas pipeline project in two phases, and based on this, it is supposed to build the 81-kilometer section of the pipeline from Gwadar port to Iran, and in the later stages, it will be connected to Nawabshah. 
According to the Geo News report: "This new development regarding the joint Iran-Pakistan gas project comes at a time when the United States has once again expressed its clear opposition to this project and has also given warnings about possible sanctions, a project that has been delayed for 10 years. has been encountered, while it was supposed to be completed in December 2015 and then put into operation in January 2015".
Recently, "Donald Lowe", the assistant of the US Department of State for South Asian and Central Asian affairs, said that he is trying to prevent the realization of the gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan.
Although the implementation of this project will cause concern to Islamabad's western allies, the government of Pakistan announced on Thursday that it does not need an "sanction exemption" or US license to build a pipeline to import natural gas from Iran.
According to the agreement signed between Iran and Pakistan in 2009, the two countries were required to build the necessary pipeline for this project on their soil.
It has been said that if Pakistan refuses to implement this project, it will have to pay an amount of around 18 billion dollars to Iran, which is beyond Islamabad's ability due to the extensive economic problems.

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