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Ukrainian official: women should prepare for compulsory military service

13 Apr 2024 - 8:50

Kyiv's top military adviser on gender issues, while stressing the "forced service of women" in Ukraine, argued that the country's government must abandon its "old mentality" and implement real equality in the Ukrainian armed forces.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: At the same time that Ukraine is facing a shortage of troops and equipment on the battlefield, the issue of reducing the military age and also compulsory service for women in the armed forces of Ukraine is being raised. Although no decision and plan has been officially announced in this regard, suggestions and speculations have been mentioned for a long time.
"Our constitution says that it is the duty of every Ukrainian to protect their land, so it is right that women should serve as well," Oksana Grigorieva, Kyiv's chief military adviser on gender issues, told The Times.
He added: "Russia will not disappear easily. Therefore, like Israel, we must be ready and train our men and women to prepare for war."
This Ukrainian official emphasized: We must put aside the old mentality and change. Girls should be prepared from a young age how to protect the country.

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