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Beirut: Israel must withdraw from the occupied areas of Lebanon

14 Apr 2024 - 9:52

Abdallah Bou Habib, the foreign minister of the interim government of Lebanon, pointed out that the Zionist regime constantly violates international resolutions and the use of prohibited weapons in its aggressions, and stressed the need to stop this regime's aggressions in Gaza and Lebanon and withdraw from the occupied lands of this country.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Abdallah Bouhabib, the Foreign Minister of the Provisional Government of Lebanon, in a speech emphasizing again the need to stop the aggression of the Zionist regime against Gaza and Lebanon, announced that the crisis caused by the war in Gaza is not only in the region but also in other countries of the world. 

Bouhabib stated in a press interview that we are all worried about the developments in Gaza and the conflicts in southern Lebanon, and the crisis of Syrian refugees in Lebanon is added to these challenges and affects our country.

Expressing concern about the possibility of the Gaza war spreading in the region, this Lebanese official said that the Lebanese government and people never seek war, and therefore we demand the full implementation of Security Council Resolution 1701. The full implementation of this resolution, before anything else, means the end of Israel's occupation of all Lebanese lands.

Bouhabib emphasized that according to Resolution 1701, Israel has no right to invade Lebanon's sovereignty from land, sea and air.

Regarding the deployment of Hezbollah's equipment and military forces in the border region, he stated that Hezbollah has had an intermittent military presence at the border since two or three years ago, while Israel continues to violate Lebanon's sovereignty since 2006 and shortly after the issuance of Resolution 1701. 

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Lebanon stated that we want to stop the aggression. Israel has destroyed hundreds of houses in southern Lebanon and destroyed many villages, and many fertile lands in southern Lebanon are no longer suitable for agriculture; Because the Israeli army uses white phosphorus in its aggressions, which is prohibited at the international level, and yet Israel uses this weapon in densely populated areas.

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