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How Israeli media changed tone on Iran's retaliatory action

14 Apr 2024 - 11:04

After weeks of strategic patience, Iran launched retaliatory strikes against the occupied territories late on Saturday in response to the Zionist regime’s attack on the consular building of the Islamic Republic’s embassy in the Syrian capital of Damascus on April 1.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: The missile and drone attacks came as a rude shock to settlers in the occupied territories since the Israeli media had tried to pacify them for weeks, claiming that it was a hyperbole.
However, at the stroke of midnight, both the Israeli media and settlers were gripped by fear.
Channel 14, an Israeli right-wing TV channel, published a news story on its news site under the title "The fear has come true: the attack from Iran has begun."
The Hebrew language news sites Walla and Axios, quoting American and Israeli officials, announced the start of an “unprecedented Iranian drone attack” on occupied Palestinian territories.
The Zionist regime's Radio and Television Organization (Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation), quoting the regime's security sources, announced “the massive launch of an Iranian drone attack” on occupied Palestinian territories.
Ynet, the online outlet for the Yedioth Ahronot newspaper, announced that between 400 and 500 Iranian drones had been launched toward the occupied territories.
The Times of Israel, an Israeli online newspaper, first published that "Iran launched over 100 drones in a first-ever direct attack," adding soon that the Zionist army was "trying to intercept them," thus trying to reduce panic among the population.
The Jerusalem Post, a conservative Israeli newspaper, reported that the Iranian strike was "a radical change from all previous drone strikes," and that "the era of Iranian drone warfare has begun."
Haaretz, another Israeli newspaper, announced on its website that Iran “launched a series of drones and missiles,” noting that Iran's regional allies also joined the operation.
However, Elior Levy, the Palestinian affairs correspondent for Israeli TV channel Kan 11, stated that Iran has decided to attack by itself and not through its regional supporters.
The Israeli military, cited by the Israeli media, said more than 100 drones had been launched by Iran so far. Channel 12 said they will reach Israeli territory at around 2 am local time, which means the panic remains intact.
Haaretz reported that settlers in Eilat, Dimona, Nivatim and the Golan had been advised by the regime authorities to remain close to bomb shelters.
A day before the Iranian response, Haaretz said Netanyahu is leading the Zionist entity to “absolute defeat”, failing to achieve any of its objectives in Gaza, while adding that the Iranian threat looms.
The Zionist media also reported Saturday about the hacking of the Zionist regime's radars by the Hanzala hacking group, closing the airspace over occupied territories./Press tv

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