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Twelve messages from Iran’s “True Promise Operation” against the Zionist regime

14 Apr 2024 - 13:56

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), as one of the military pillars in Iran, initiated a strategic operation at dawn on Sunday, April 16, 2024, targeting significant and strategic locations within the Occupied Territories using hundreds of missiles and drones.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: Regarding this historical, glorious and successful operation, there are many points to be said, some of which have been mentioned by Yadollah Javani:
1. Iranian sincerity
This operation was called the "True Promise", so that both friends and foes know that the Islamic Republic acts on its words. This operation showed that the statements of the wise Leader of the Islamic Revolution, such as "The days of hit and run are over" or "Hit one, receive ten", were correct, logical and well-founded.
2. The principle of legitimate defense
The action of the Islamic Republic is based on the United Nations Charter, a completely justified action based on the principle of legitimate defense. The True Promise operation was a response to the numerous crimes and aggressions of the Zionist regime, including their attack on the consular section of the Iranian Embassy in Damascus and martyring some of the Islamic Republic's military advisers in Syria.
3. Iran's seriousness in national security
Carrying out this operation was an unavoidable necessity for the Iranian nation at this juncture in order to ensure national security, maintain and enhance the level of military deterrence against enemy threats.
4. A small display of Iran's capabilities
The True Promise operation truly showcased only a small part of Iran's military and defensive capabilities. Enemies should now pay more attention to this fact to avoid miscalculations against the great and powerful Iranian nation in the future.
5. A big lie called Iron Dome
During the True Promise operation, the incapability of the Iron Dome became more apparent. In this operation, more than half of domestically-made missiles and drones launched from a very long distance were able to penetrate the defense systems and accurately destroy their targets.
6. Warning for the continuation of Israeli aggression
The Islamic Republic of Iran clearly reiterated before and during the operation that any reaction by the Zionist regime would be considered another act of aggression, and it would respond with a heavier offensive.
7. Warning to US
The United States of America should have taken Iran's message and threat seriously and prevent any accompanying with the Zionist regime in any probable move against the Islamic Republic. Americans know well that in case of a mistake in calculation and accompanying with the criminal Zionist regime all their forces and bases in the region and beyond the region will be intensively vulnerable for the Islamic Republic and the other sides of the Resistance Front.
8. Importance of cooperation of neighbors for regional security
The Islamic Republic has announced several times that it calls for strengthening of relations withal regional countries, especially the neighbors, based on good neighborliness and common interests; yet, it has also given this message clearly to all regional countries that, in case of any mistake in calculation and giving their territory or space to the enemy of the Iranian nation for aggression, those countries will turn into legitimate target for confrontation with the enemy.
9. Iranian national will
The joy and holding celebration and announcement of the Iranian nation's support for the IRGC move against the Zionist regime and smashing response to the numerous crimes of this regime show that this operation was a rightful demand and has been carried out on the basis of national resolve and will.
10. Regional and international legitimacy of Iranians’ move
The happiness and support of other regional and trans-regional nations indicate the international legitimacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran's move.
11. Iran's accurate defensive policy-making, role model for the world
This operation, which is totally defensive and a response to the crimes of the Zionist regime, showed that the policies of the Islamic Republic and prudence of the wise Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces for the past decades, based on bolstering of defense ability and the country's missile power, have been accurate, wise and realistic policies. This can be a role model for other nations and free countries of the world.
12. Correct and Qur'anic world view
The important and instructive point is the trust and belief of the Iranian nation and Armed Forces in the final victory of the Front of Truth over the Front of Falsehood. No doubt, whatever policy the Zionist regime is going to adopt, this policy and measure will only take it closer to the end of its illegitimate, oppressive and criminal existence./Pars Today

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