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194th day of Al-Aqsa storm operation;

Bombardment of residential houses in Gaza/ Lebanon's Hezbollah attacks on the positions of the Zionist regime

17 Apr 2024 - 14:12

The bombing of residential houses in Gaza, the attacks of Lebanon's Hezbollah on the positions of the Zionist regime and the increase in the number of martyrs in Gaza are among the most important developments of the 193rd day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: After 194 days of the war in Gaza, since the early hours of this morning, various residential areas have been targeted by air and artillery attacks, and at the same time as the leaders of the Zionist regime reiterated their emphasis on a ground attack on Rafah, various areas In this city, it was targeted by drone and artillery attack.
According to the latest statistics of the Gaza Ministry of Public Health, 33,843 martyrs and 76,575 others have been injured so far. The bombing of residential houses has been repeated at least three times since late last night until this morning.
Follow the most important developments of the one hundred and ninety-fourth day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation below:
Detention of more than 5 thousand Palestinians in Gaza
The media office of the Palestinian Authority based in Gaza announced that the occupation forces of the Zionist regime have arrested more than 5,000 Palestinian citizens after the military invasion of Gaza since October 7.
Israeli regime's artillery attack on the Nusirat camp
The artillery of the Israeli regime army targeted the north of the Nusirat camp in the center of the Gaza Strip.
Resistance rocket attacks on the military base of the Israeli army
Al-Nasser Salahuddin's military base announced that the Zikim base was hit by the Israeli army with 107 dirham rockets.
"Miron" air base of the Zionists was targeted by rocket attacks
Lebanon's al-Mayadeen news channel reported that the Miron air base of this regime's army in the north of the occupied territories was targeted by rocket attacks fired from the Lebanese side.
Palestinian resistance committees called for solidarity with Palestinian prisoners
The resistance committees in Palestine announced on the occasion of the Palestinian Prisoner's Day: We ask all the Palestinian people to intensify their anger in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners imprisoned in Nazi prisons who are facing all kinds of torture and abuse in Israeli detention centers.
Hamas: The release of Palestinian prisoners is our top priority
The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) announced on Prisoner's Day: Our freed prisoners are at the heart of the Al-Aqsa storm operation, and their release from enemy prisons is our top priority.
Increasing the number of martyrs in Gaza to 33 thousand 899 people
The Ministry of Public Health in the Gaza Strip announced the increase in the number of martyrs of the continuous aggression of the Zionist regime to 33 thousand 899 people and the increase of the injured to 76 thousand 664 people.
Also, during the last 24 hours, the occupiers committed 6 mass murder crimes against Palestinian families, as a result of which 56 people were martyred and 89 others were injured.
Disclosure of the media of the Zionist regime about the success of the Iranian missile drone attack
Hebrew media reported: The claims of the army spokesman regarding the small losses caused by Iran's attack on Israel (Occupied Palestine) are not true.
Contrary to the statements of the army spokesman, 9 Iranian missiles passed through Israel's defense system and penetrated Nivatim, not 7 missiles.
According to this report, the missiles that managed to pass through the aerial device showed that in case of an attack on urban gatherings, there will be heavy casualties and damages.
Every day, 60 Israeli soldiers are disabled in Gaza
Hebrew base reported that 60 Israeli soldiers are disabled every day in the war in Gaza, and this number is recorded daily.
Member of Ansarullah: Yemen operations against Israeli ships will continue until the war against Gaza stops
Hizam al-Assad, a member of the Ansarullah movement's political bureau, said: Yemeni operations against ships associated with Israel will continue until the war against the Gaza Strip stops.
Attacks on American and Israeli ships continue in response to their aggression in Yemen.
Martyrdom of 6 people in northern Gaza
Al Jazeera reported the martyrdom of six people in an Israeli airstrike on a gathering of Palestinian citizens in al-Sheikh Rizwan neighborhood of Gaza City.
Hezbollah's missile attack on Israel's Branit base
Lebanon's Islamic Resistance: Today, Wednesday, the fighters of the Islamic Resistance once again targeted the newly established military base of the Zionist regime in the "Barnit" base with rocket attacks.
Hezbollah targeted the gathering of Israeli soldiers
Lebanon's Hezbollah announced in its fourth statement that the fighters of the Islamic resistance, in order to support the resistant people of the Gaza Strip and support its brave and honorable resistance, targeted the gathering of the Zionist regime's soldiers at the Ramiya base with artillery rocket attacks.
The withdrawal of military equipment of the Zionist regime from Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza
The military equipment of the aggressor Zionist army retreated from the city of Beit Hanoun in the north of the Gaza Strip after 36 hours of encroaching and besieging the schools that accommodate the refugees.
Zionist soldiers also arrested a number of innocent refugees.
Ezzat al-Rashq: A new equation has begun, the era of Israeli bullying is over
Ezzat al-Rashq, a member of the political office of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas, said: Zionist terrorism against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip will lead to the writing of a new chapter, and everything after that will be different from before.
He said: Bullying or stubbornness and creating chaos in the region by the occupying regime without accepting responsibility for anything or controlling it; It has already ended.

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