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A relatively loud sound was heard in Isfahan / Iranian army: We have not had any accidents or damage

19 Apr 2024 - 11:47

A senior Iranian military official says that the relatively loud sound heard in Isfahan province was related to the air defense fire of this city, and it was suspicious objects.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: A senior military official in Isfahan province said after hearing a relatively loud sound in the east of Isfahan: This sound is related to the Isfahan air defense fire and suspicious objects and we have not had any damage or accident.
According to media reports, at 4 am today local time, the air defense of the 8th Shekari base of Isfahan was used to intercept a suspicious object in the sky of this city. And this defense has carried out missiles around Isfahan Air Base.
Following the hearing of a relatively loud sound in the east of Isfahan, Brigadier General Mihandoost, a senior military official in Isfahan Province, said: This sound is related to the Isfahan Air Defense Fire and suspicious objects, and we have not had any damage or accidents.
According to IRNA, following the activation of air defense in some parts of Iran to deal with some possible targets, reports from all over Iran indicate that so far no large-scale hit and explosion caused by any air threat has been reported.
On the other hand, field investigations in the city of Isfahan show that important facilities in this province, especially nuclear facilities, are completely safe and no accidents have been reported in them.
The images recorded by users indicate the activity of defensive cannons in some parts of Iran, which act as point defense systems against threats at a very low altitude, and their activity is completely normal in a state of 100% alertness.
This morning, American media reported a missile attack on facilities in Iran and an explosion near Isfahan Airport.
Bloomberg, Israel announced to the US on Friday that it will retaliate against Iran within 24 to 48 hours.
This American media noted that the United States does not support Israel's retaliatory attack on Iran.
Fox News announced that Israel's attack on Iranian soil was "limited".
It should be mentioned that Iran's punitive attack on Israel under the title of "Operation Sadiq's Promise" was carried out by the armed forces of this country at midnight April 13, 2024, This attack was carried out using suicide drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles in retaliation for the air attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus and the martyrdom of a number of IRGC commanders.
According to Israeli officials, 170 drones, more than 30 cruise missiles and more than 120 ballistic missiles were used in Iran's attack.

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