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United Nations report;

The people of Afghanistan showed courage and strength in 2023

20 Apr 2024 - 15:01

By publishing a report, the United Nations says that the people of Afghanistan showed considerable courage and strength in 2023, considering the many crises in the country and the shocks that came with it.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: The United Nations published a report saying that due to the many crises in Afghanistan, 2023 was a year full of challenges as well as flexibility and determination.

The report said that last year, in the face of many adversities and shocks at the same time, the people of Afghanistan showed considerable courage and strength. According to the United Nations, there are still complex and multifaceted challenges for the work of this organization and its partners in Afghanistan.

Hunger, the need for health services, housing, as well as the consequences of natural disasters such as the October 2023 earthquake in Herat and the return of millions of Afghan immigrants from neighboring countries, are the challenges of the people and relief organizations in Afghanistan.

Noting that Afghans now cite access to food as their most pressing need, the report warned that millions of people who are unable to pay or produce basic expenses face hunger and malnutrition.

Citing the Gallup survey that 95% of Afghans see themselves suffering and the average life expectancy has decreased in Afghanistan in the last five years, the United Nations has emphasized the need for sustainable international participation and support for this country.

"With our partners, we remain engaged despite unprecedented obstacles that have shaken our core values and beliefs," said Andrika Ratawati, Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Afghanistan and UN Humanitarian Coordinator. In 2023, we We were still grappling with the challenges of maintaining our core principles and values while simultaneously fulfilling the need to help those in need."

Ratawati has emphasized that despite these challenges, aid organizations were determined not to leave the people of Afghanistan alone.

The United Nations humanitarian affairs coordinator in Afghanistan emphasized that in the current year, it is necessary to make commitments to the principles of human rights, gender equality and women's empowerment.

He said: "We continue to include women as key partners in our work to provide assistance - by women, for women and tirelessly strive for equal access to education in accordance with the demands we hear from Afghans in all regions of the country."

At the same time, the United Nations and other aid agencies are facing a lack of funds to continue aid programs for Afghans due to the reduction of aid from the international community.

According to United Nations statistics, including the 3.06 billion money needed to provide aid to Afghans in 2024, only six percent of it has been provided by the international community.

According to the United Nations humanitarian aid plan in 2024, more than half of Afghanistan's population will need humanitarian aid in some way.

The United Nations has emphasized that among all the needy, 17.3 million of the most vulnerable people, including those with disabilities, are covered by the aid mission.

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